The Stache. Vol. 1.

Hello! Welcome to the first edition The Stache. My name is Dylan Gross and this is a new publication for themindolemm and it’s been far behind in schedule. The aim is to bring you the latest and greatest things in the realm of, “manly things.” It’s titled The Stache because I believe every man should go through the process of at least trying to rock a moustache at some point in their life to be able to claim the title of man.This means we will be discussing: cars, motorcycles, tobacco, scotch, guns, moustaches, and essentially whatever I feel like talking about here that can be deemed manly.

The first thing I’d like to post about is the incredible masterpiece that is the Königsegg Agera R. ImageThis machine is the new big boy on hyper-car campus. The Swedish company has crafted a 6 world record holding monster that produces 1140 BHP and 885 Ft lb. of torque in an all carbon-fiber body. And it has by far the coolest doors ever. The roof will actually come off and slide under the trunk, which is in the front, upside down and will have room for a few groceries. So it’s a Swedish hyper-car that can go as a cabrio and also take some groceries and is a complete raging madman when you get heavy on your right foot. This power is put to the ground by a twin-turbo 5.0L V8 that is essentially a completely re-engineered Ford Racing 302 cu. in. beast. This beautiful Swede is by far one of the greatest cars ever produced, and while it doesn’t beat the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport’s top speed record of 268 MPH and a 0-60 of 2.5 seconds it does however set 6 new world records. And here they are!
0-186 mph = 14.53 sec

0-200 mph = 17.68 sec

186-0 mph = 6.66 sec

200-0 mph = 7.28 sec

0-186-0 mph = 21.19 sec

0-200-0 mph = 24.96 sec

I’m not really sure how you see it, but I cannot even begin to imagine going from 0-200-0 in less than 25 seconds… This car is impressive to me. When I first heard of this car I was blown away. Königsegg has managed to truly astonish me with the Agera R.

So bottom line? it’s incredible. I want it. And I bet I just gave you a car-boner by telling you about it. So while you take care of that however you do (I recommend watching hours of Top Gear on YouTube), I must depart from internetopia.

Best Wishes from The Stache!
-Dylan G.

p.s. it costs $1.5 million. which means closer to $2 million once you get it all taken care of.


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